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2017 MAC   CALL
2017 Mac Steel Half round 40' x 96" with 102" subframe and skirts, 72" sides 3/16" floor with 1/4" last 8', Hardox AR450F, soilid top rail, rear skirts alum smooth plate over suspension, Hoist 8-5-285 Custom steel ladder at rear, led lights Grote , 10 markers per side, Aluminum SS tail gate, with 12" coal door, O.S. Swing C.S. w/ground control, spreader chains, 16" pin setting, Break away pin,3/8" aluminum draft arms, Jost A450 2 speed Landing gear, quick connect in front of trailer for air gauge, aluminum air tanks, 30" alum with 12" flaps across front axle, full flaps rear Airride spread 122" , Intraxx AA-250 TP WHXL-5, with UBL -002 lift kit on front axle, a;aluminum subframe, General 11R 22.5 tires 16ply, with alum wheels 22.5 HP polished outside, buffed inside alum wheels, tailgate, lift axle, and suspension dump air to the front with ball valves on frame   Stock #: X1570
2018 MAC   CALL
2017 Mac Aluminum Half round 40' x 96" wide with 102" subframe, 60" sides radius bulkhead low profile, 8-5-265 2500 series hoist airride closed tandem Intraxx AA-250t TP , with UBL lift kit on front axle 22.5 Radial tires, 8 Aluminum wheels polished out sides 1/4" floor with 3/16" sides, ladder over center of rear axle D.S. man door front D.S. signal stat Clear lens Truck lite led lights, 5 per side, center lights 4" Aluminum ss Gate, over-slung only, air cab and ball valve control 18" coal door w/alum handle, Galvanized suspension hangers, suspension control air in cab and ball valve, 4s2m abs, jost aluminum 2 speed landing gear, air gauge in front, 12" alum air tanks 30" buffed alum with 12 in rubber flaps front of front axle, Full rubber rear Aero roll tarp with steel bows, Black tarp, Fabric flap in rear lift axle, suspension dump and manual dump air to front and ball valve on frame   Stock #: X1596
53' x 102" x 13'6" punch side, double deck hog rail, 6" drop rail, air ride spread axle, 8 aluminum rims, 5 pens per level, flush entry pull out ramp, winter kit, storage boxes, sub frame and pin sections have been rebuilt.   Stock #: X1601A
2011 Cornhusker hopper, 41'11" x 71 1/2" x 96", Black skin, Stainless steel rear panel, Black Shurco 3500 electric roll tarp, 24" x 40" roller traps with Shurco Pro electric traps, Neway air ride, Propar axles, Aluminum kingpin section, subframe and bolster, 14:00 x 22.5 super single aluminum wheel, 445/50R22.5 Michelin tires, original tires 50%, original brake lining 40%, one row of 5 lights per side, Fenders over the tandem   Stock #: X1594A
2008 EBY   CALL
2008 Eby 3 permanant floors, hog-sheep-goat trailer, punch side, pull out ramps to both upper levels, used for isoween pigs, 80% floors, wash each load, aluminum liners under roof and both floors for easy washing and drying, tube style gates, flush entry ramps, 17.5 rubber, virgins at 75%. excellant shape, attached line drawings are not actual trailer, but very simular.   Stock #: X1592
2007 Merritt Cattle pot, 53' x 102" x 13'6" punch side, air ride spread axle (10'2") 8 aluminum rims, Gold line, 22.5 low pro tires, counter balance ramp, 5-5-3 side marker lights, 5 on rear side post, divide gate each center compartment, deck in nose, aluminum roof, left hand roll up door, center access doors,   Stock #: X1409B
2006 Barrett Double deck hog trailer, 6" drop rail, 53' x 102" x 13'6", punch side, air ride spread axle, steel wheels, recap rail tires 22.5, flat aluminum 5 bar floors in good shape 60% plus, snow on these pictures sorry, aluminum liner under roof and upper floor for easy washing and drying, rear access door, center access doors, winter kit, panel box, wood chip box, left hand roll up door, tube style gates, 4 pens per level, good working order,   Stock #: X1591
2015 Cornhusker combination. 53' x 99 1/2" x 102",Original virgin tires, 8/32", Brake lining 90% 30" x 40" roller traps with gearboxes, 1st and 2nd traps open to rear, 3rd trap open to front. Roll tarp Black 22 oz, Add extra strip of .090 to front header so tarp doesn't fall in. Sewn in ridgepole with loops every 3'. Strap tarp with cables, ratchets, 2" hook and D Rung Straps, Use Shurco Wil slip Crank, 28" header on rear, 10' 2" spread axle with Neway air ride, Propar style axles, duralite hubs, centrifused drums, 14:00 x 22.5 super single aluminum wheels, 1 row of 9 button lights per side, one extra by the mid turn. 4S2M Abs, Black smooth side skin, Scale box, one extra inner door position in rear, 48" back from Std, 3 pipe arched bows, stationary, not swing, High rise headers, Long rear dock bumper, 20" pin setting, Plumb for air broom, rear under rail, Shorten landing gear legs 3", Mudflap behind front axle, Black rear doors, PSI tire inflation system, set at 90 PSI, install Tee on outlet of regulator box, Install hooks on front wall to store inner door headers, Michelin 445/50R22.5 XTE tires.   Stock #: X1463
1987 50 Ton 3 Axle, Witzco Hydraulic Detach Lowboy, 48' x 102", 22 1/2' Well with 3' slope to rear, 11' Rear, 22.5 Steel Wheels, Good Tires, D-Rings, Pony Motor (1 year old), wheel covers.   Stock #: 0479A
2004 MAC   CALL
2004 Mac Aluminum Frameless End Dump, 39' x 96" x 60",inset smooth skin, airride tandem, 8 alum wheels 22.5, brakes 50%, tires lp 22.5 50- 50%, shur loc tarp, with black tarp tarp good,, pipe and crank (electric system taken off), flex bows 12' wide liner,great shape, was 1/2", two way gate with coal door, led lights.custom hoist, air controls to front for tailgate and suspension dump, 18 lights per side, 2 speed landing gear,alum draft arms, clean trailer two way gate with coal door   Stock #: X1565A
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